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I used to get a lot of serious trigger time and the best part was the People of the State of Florida paid for all that ammo.   When I retired and had to start paying for mine my trigger time went down big time.

When I was on the state pistol team the favorite handgun and the one I used was the S&W K-38 Target Masterpiece model 14.   Some of the guys also had the K-38 Model 22.   They could shoot a lot of .22 with a gun that was the same as their Match gun.   That makes sense.

Today I have .22's to match my go to guns.   I have a .22 M-1 Carbine that I shoot a lot.  This gives me more trigger time then shooting my M1 Carbine, Mini-14 and M1A squad.   I also have a .22 1911 Commander size and that sees a lot of use.  I can shoot a lot of .22 compared to what .30 Carbine, .45 ACP and .308 cost.   I also finish the session with shooting the real deal.   For example I will shoot a 100 or so .22 from my .22 Commander.  I then put it down and pick up my 1911 and run a box of target loads through it then finish will my past carry loads.  

But the Dream .22 I am after, and hope to get one day is the Kingstone Armory M-14.   You can see it at this link.

I will then have my collection complete.   Well, until I see something else I want.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
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The first .22 M1 Carbine I saw was the German made Erma.
Never really appealed.

I had a BRNO .22 rifle that was almost IDENTICAL in operation & assembly to the carbine. Must have been heavily influenced by it.

Back in the UK's "happier times" I had a nice .357 Python, 6" blued.
Also had the .22 Diamondback, but in 4" blued. Saw an advert for a 6" Diamondback, so sold the 4" to buy the 6". Phoned to order it - "oh, we've not had that for a while, forgot to update the advert" Colt .22 revolver for me!!

Main "replicas" now are a couple of UK made AR15's. Based on the US Military M261 conversion kit for the M16 , but with improvements. The barrel is dedicated .22, so the bolt assembly is sans the "chamber" section. Other than the .22 chambering, they are full AR15 spec., size, weight, etc.
Cheap to shoot (& no .22 ammo shortages here), and easy to fit a .22 silencer to as well.

Tried to get a WW2 Finnish Mosin .22 rifle last year.
Never happened, so may try to sort that out in 2017; as at present it is sort of easy to buy elsewhere in Europe & bring back to the UK...that situation will vanish in a couple of years time, or at least change drastically in as yet unknown ways.

The Kingston guns LOOK nice - but not a 10/22 fan. If ever a gun was built down to a price point...
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