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I have had a couple of these over my long life and a few years back bought the Henry version of this rifle.   I have no use for the floating stock that it comes with so I went to and purchased a collapsible stock for it.   When broke down it still fits in the carry box it came with.  I pack this in the utility box on the back of my quad when hitting the woods.   I also put it under the seat of my truck for road trips.   It is surprisingly accurate with practice and feed most of what you eat it.   I use CCI stingers and have never had a feed issue.   Did have some with the cheap lead head target loads so stopped using them.    This is a crisis gun not a plinker so I don't mind keeping good ammo in the box with it.
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I've gone through a few AR-7s over the years.  Nice little gun to pack around with you.  One version I've missed some over the years is they made a handgun version.  Sold mine long ago and have often regretted it.
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