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If you attempt to join and are denied it is because I did no have enough info to approve you.   So e-mail me at or call me at 231-690-0954.   I have to be careful with the approvals due to spamers as you will see reading the below.

To join look at the top of the home page and find the tab "Register" and click on that.  Follow that then I will see it and can approve you.  Once approved you can introduce yourself on the new members forum or just jump right in.

January 6, 2017 -We're Back.   I hope all the old members return and if you find this and know some of the other members and can contact them, please do so.  When I pulled the forum last summer I lost all the contact info for members.

For anyone finding this for the first time.  Welcome.   Combat-Shotgun is a forum for Adults.   Respecting other members is the rule here.   None of the mess so common on other forums is tolerated.   We all have knowledge to share.   I learn from my customers and they learn from me.   Share and we all benefit.  We all have opinions and preference and when giving those understand that others may not share them.  That simply means they see things differently and neither you nor they are wrong as your opinion is what is right for you and theirs is what is right for them.

If you start a This -v- That thread you need to provide facts.  If you are presenting a preference for This -v- That then say so.   I welcome fact based debates about products or tactics but this is an area where the lines get very blurred and seem to be the main cause of problems on other web sites.  Of course opinion based topics are just as welcomed.   However, the problems that arise are when things are not made clear or stated incorrectly.  These were avoided on the old forum and intend to do so here.   So, make your post and present it with facts and everyone benefits.  Here is an Example:  If you say the Mossberg 500 is superior to the 870 because the controls are in a better position, you are giving an opinion, not a fact.   What would be correct for you is to say - "For me the Mossberg 500 is a much better option then the 870 because the position of the controls suit me better and make me more effective with the gun".   For you that would be an absolute true statement and would make it an opinion based post.  I think anyone can see the difference in the two statements.

Also, I have to approve each member as this keeps the spamers out.   They drove me off the web with spam advertising porn and about everything else.  Most all were non tractable IP's from over seas and I pulled the forum after four years because the old format was over 10 years old and out dated as to Security Features.   So, once you sign up I will see the membership pending when I sign on.   What would help is that you sign up and then also send me an e-mail to as this will prompt me to sign on and approve you faster then I would if I did not know a membership was pending.

Members are welcome to use the "For Sale or Trade" forum.   I will not be responsible for these transactions but would like to hear from those who may have gotten a bad deal.  If the infraction is grieves enough I would intervene and prohibit the guilty party from trading on this site again.

I love seeing pictures of guns so if you are proud of one you built, modified or simply was able to acquire, don't be stingy and keep it to yourself, please post a picture of it.

If you are in the business feel free to post your info in your signature line along with any web site you may have.  Also, post your business in the Vendor Section.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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