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I'm old so I can say back in the day.   So, back in the day about everyone I knew carried a belly gun.  These were micro small revolvers, derringers and some little pocket .22, .25's and .32's semi-autos.    Mine was a High Standard .22 derringer.   Still have it but years ago I went to the NFA mini revolver.   If my pants are on it is in my watch pocket as it fits there perfectly.   And yes, even when my 1911 is on my belt that little revolver is in my watch pocket.  On the rare occasions when I am not wearing jeans it is either in my pants pocket or jacket pocket.  I call this my Trevon Martin gun.   It is a last resort to get someone off me and save my life.   It is not for sustained combat against the forces of evil in the world, but at 20 feet I can put five rounds of .22 stingers in an area the size of a dinner plate.   I have the LE exemption on my CPL so I can still carry in the states Pistol Free Zones,  but I am still restricted on private property if the owner has posted it.   This little carry is so comfortable I have walked into a couple places and then had to return to my vehicle to secure it.

By state law I am required to advise him I have a CPL and where the weapon are.   I did.  After he explained that I pulled out of the Westco store and did not turn my head lights on soon enough and gave me a verbal warning he ask me why I had two guns.   I replied that I always have a back up and asked don't you?  He answered that he doesn't need one because he carries a Glock.   I swear that was his answer.   He asked what I had so I showed him.  Now asking that seems strange but he not only knew I had the CPL as it came up on the computer when he ran my tag but it also showed the Exemption so he knew I was retired LE.   You should have saw his face when he saw the little revolver.   He asked me what good that was.   I asked him if he ever read the book "The Onion Field" and he said no.   I said do yourself a favor and read it. I hope that young mans survives his law enforcement career.

Do not discount the power of the .22 caliber.  I carry CCI .22 stingers in mine and of course with the short barrel on these guns the round will not reach it's velocity potential but it is still extremely deadly.  Talk to any old retired LEO and he will tell you that before the 9mm became the popular gun with the Gang Bangers that he saw more dead bodies from a .22 caliber gun then most all the other calibers combined.

The are good quality belly guns out there and I am not recommending one over any of the others.  Revolver, semi-auto or derringer is a matter of preference and what you are comfortable with.   I will say you don't have to spend a lot on money on one so look at the NFA's and the TP-22's for a start.  There are so many out there now you will find one to fit your need.  Here is my two past and present:

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
David Armstrong

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Interesting....I too had a High Standard Derringer that I carried for a long time on and off-duty.  Passed it on to my son-in-law where it resides in a little pocket in his ballistic vest as a last-ditch gun.  Never have done the mini-revolver thing as I fouind I could carry my Beretta Mdl 21 pretty much anyplace I could put one and found the Mdl 21 to be a better choice for my needs.

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I had one of those Hi-Standard derringers-.22 WRM. I bought from a retired cop Beats a sharp stick. [wink]

I always though it'd be fun to have a Walther WTP 9. WTP 9 stands for Westen Taschen Pistole Model 9, Vest Pocket Pistol, Model 9. Very nice looking .25ACP, tiny even compared to a Baby Browning. 

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Since I am carrying the SP101 today, in my watch pocket would be the small Spyderco Cricket, bottom right, it is always clipped into the watch pocket, and the speed strip upper left. 

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