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Not new, but I built this some years back, when the kits still had barrels, and were $80:

My Dad liked it, so we built one together:

And here is My Tactical Mag 870, I swapped out the Speed feed IV that came on it and put the SpeedFeed III I've had for years on instead-I like the extra round capacity, and don't like side mount shell holders. I have used SpeedFeed stocks for years I started with the regular one with the shell storage for water-swatting ducks, and got the III when they came out:

The barrel is an old 30" Full cut to 19", with a HiViz Spark II bead. The light mount is a SureFire, the light a cheap Sportsman's Guide. My kid now has it on his 10/22 raccoon rifle.
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Kiss simple 870's love to go to gun fights.  Yours looks ready when needed.
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