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The firing pin retractor spring is must upgrade for older Remington 870 Wingmasters.   The old spring was a continuous coil and tends to break in the center.  The fix for this is the new spring where the coils join close together in the center of the spring.   What happens is the old spring breaks but will still work.  Over time the broken ends twist into each other and shortens the spring and one day your weapon does not fire because you are not getting enough force of the firing pin striking the primer.   Deadly for a Defense gun and can FUBAR a hunt on a sporting gun.  

I recommend replacing this spring on any older Wingmaster that has the old style even if the old spring is not broken.   

You can easily see the spring by looking at the bottom of your breech bolt. It is an easy install by watching my How to video below.  Also if you are getting light strikes you old spring need changing. You can check out my other How to Videos on and you can purchase the spring from my store  or Remington or Brownells, hint my price is lower.  

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
D.J. north woods

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While you are in there, wouldn't it be  good to replace that old style firing pin?

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That explanation for the eventual failure is spot on; I have an old Wingmaster waiting for a resto project, and that will be a priority. Thank you again JD; as always, you are the guy who knows 870's!

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I just say the heck with worrying about 1 spring just do a flex tab conversion. The stock parts are just old junk anyways. Upgrade to the new parts and you will have a far superior shotgun.
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