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Reply with quote  #1 is my online store.  I purchased Rocky Mountain Tactical from Marshall and I now make those slings right here.  I added some to the line and now call them all AI&P Tactical Slings.  I also manufacture and sell on the site K-9 leashes and assure every one these are Duty Quality also.

The store also has a lot of other stuff.   Midwest Industry Shotgun Sling plates.  Mesa Tactical Sling Mounts. SBE followers.  Remington Parts.  Some AR sling mounts.  Other items that one might want but not want to buy singly.  See, there is a flat rate shipping of $7.20  So if you get a sling or leash check out the other items as everything ships for that one low price.

I just added Hearing and Eye protection from Radians.  I will be adding more in this category soon.   You will also see cleaning supplies from Remington, CLP, Birchwood/Casey and others.   Cleaning kits that won't break the bank and other gun stuff.

I have a multitude of Remington parts for Remington shotguns on the e-store and Remington barrels and stock sets on my main web site   

If you are reading this and don't know it, well this is my forum and I own AI&P Tactical, LLC and build custom Shotguns.  That web site is  I am a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement Armorer with 36 years working on Remington Shotguns.  I am a retired LEO, HRT member and HRT Team Leader and as a younger man was a K-9 Officer.  So, I kind know a little about the subject and the items I build and sell.  As for how I do business, if you go to enter AI&P Tactical in the search block and pull up one of my auctions you will see next to my used name of aippi A+(3,600) and that means that I have 3,600 feedback and all are A+, I have never even had so much as a natural feedback.   I feel this proves you can do business with me with full confidence you will get what you expect and will be pleased with the transaction.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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Nice quality sling. Built up the standard such things should be built to, not built to a price point as with Far Eastern goods.

Buy with confidence. Aippi is THE man for nylon slings & dog, for leather accessories, I wonder...
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