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Maybe you don't ignore this one but far to many people do.  And being it is in plain view they should know better.   There is a plunger behind your extractor and behind that plunger is a spring.   If that plunger stops working it is generally because of gunk in that channel or a rusted spring.   You don't have to oil that plunger every time you clean the weapon but do not ignore it.

Should you be caught out in the rain and your weapon gets really soaked you need to clean that entire breech bolt.  Remove the extractor and pull the plunger and spring out and clean in there. Put the spring and plunger back in and a very small drop of oil.  Work the extract back and release several times to ensure all is working.  It's is one of the easy things to do so check it out and get some oil there.   Here is a picture of it and below that a video in case you have never done it. Once you have the extractor out the plunger will come right out.  Tap the breech bolt on the bench and spring will come out.  Clean in there before putting them back in.  If your plunger is rusty clean it up but if it won't clean up consider replacing it, same with the spring.  And as you guessed, yes you can get them at http://www.tacticalgunslings.comin the category Remington parts.000_5820.jpg 

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