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You guys are gonna love this one. This is shotgun guru instructor Tim (good first name πŸ˜ƒ) Chandler, interviewed on camera. Great stuff here. More ammo to assure us all that the shotgun is the way to go for home defense. What ammo is best, and how to determine that for your shotgun? How reliable are semi-autos compared to pumps, really? Of what use are the new Shockwave/Tac-14’s? You may not like the answer. Best way to set up the HD shotgun? Of what use are the new box magazine fed shotties? Again, may not like the answer. What guns are used by the Marines that protect the president at Camp David? Heh, heh, heh, 😜, you probably guessed it.

On a side note, I recently had the opportunity to tour one of the attack submarines based here at San Diego (where I live). And was there an M-4 anywhere in sight? No! The guards all carried Mossberg 590’s with 18” barrels and extended tubes. This was at all the gates on the base. πŸ‘

Lots more ahead. It’s long but well worth it. There is some voice interference around the 42 minute mark, but it quickly goes away. Enjoy and post your views:

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