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ADMIN:   First off if out there today I would never go through a drive through in uniform or eat a restaurant where I didn't know the people.  What are they putting in your food?   I would bring my lunch or eat where LEO's are welcome.   There was a joke back during the election where that Beer guy, the one that doesn't always drink beer but when he does he drinks a certain brand, well in the joke he says he doesn't often speak to O'Bama supporters but when he does he tells them to add fries to his order.   How true. 

People have been harassed, threatened and sued for not baking cakes for Gay Weddings.  So refusing to serve a person because of their employment is also a violation of their civil rights.  So, sue the fast food worker, the manager, the franchise and the brand Company.   The Police Unions should encourage Officers to do this.   Why would an LEO have any less rights then anyone else who is refused service?  Click on the link to go to the story.

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How sad, what a Dumb ass !!!  I was Glad to hear he was Fired !What Justice would it be to hear He got Caught with Too Many Fish !!! Steve
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