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My name is Engin. Originally from Cyprus I now live in London, England.

I work in a hospital looking after IT in Operating Theatres and am also responsible for some specialist kit outside of Theatres.

I shoot shotguns and rimfire rifles in England and shoot pistols overseas, as pistols are not authorised for most people on the UK mainland.

I’m here because I have an old Wingmaster I am building up and found JD’s video’s on YouTube. Those led me here.

Thanks for letting me join.

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Welcome to the board! I'm in IT operations too.  Never a dull moment.

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Sorry for the late welcome but hey man, welcome.   Bringing life back into an old 870 is about the most enjoyable thing a man can do with his pants on.   Yell if you need any assistance or tech support.  One thing about being on the forum is you now have a Factory Certified Remington Armorer on call for free.  He knows the 870 and is a very handsome brilliant man.
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Thank you both.

The job does kinda get under your skin. I’m currently working in an NHS hospital, so government owned and run. Money is always tight but you do what you have to do to keep lights on and doors open. It’s pretty big with 9000 staff, but that includes the university side as well.

As to the Wingmaster renovation, it’s wierd, I was talking to one of the other guys about what to do about barrel length and when I brought up the subject of barrel shortening he was nearly in tears (I’m sorry but I did say I wanted this shotgun as a competition gun!).

Parts availability over here is very poor and as a result very expensive. An example would be a standard 870 breech bolt assembly as sold by Brownells;

That’s $200 for the bolt alone.

On the US website they are anything up to $120?

So as a result I’m giving some consideration to doing a DIY flexitab job (God help me!).

Lets see how this shotgun ends up.

Edited due to more autocorrection by the phone that was not correct.
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