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I am not going to call out any names but I have large back orders with multiple manufactures.   When going to their on line stores stores I see those items in and out of stock so I know some are holding back on there wholesale customers as they are raking in the retail prices for those same items.

This is smart from a business stand point for the short term but destroys any good will they have with the distributors and dealers who carry their products.  Not sure if this will affect their sales once things return to normal but I intend to drop the products of one of them as they have yet to run out of a certain item on their retail store but will not fill my back order.  Others are doing the same but they are small businesses and I understand they need to do this to survive, I don't like it but I understand it. 

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Not trying to be a smartaleck but Who needs Who? They don’t care and when or if you leave the line there are plenty waiting in the wings. Good, bad or in between they continue to sell everything they make at the prices they choose. Harsh reality but some will even tell you goodbye when you forgo doing business with them and welcome the next victim with a slap on the back!
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