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ADMIN:   I live in a very rual area and a couple times I left a hand gun in the console of my truck and realizing it got up and went and got it.    I believe that if you leave a gun in your vehicle and it is stolen you are responsible for what becomes of that gun and the damage it can cause.    This is the only way a responsible gun owner can look at this.   If the persons losing guns from unlocked cars report them stolen they should charged for carelessness.   In most states it is already a crime not report a firearm lost or stolen so they will pay either way.   Here is the story:

Caught on camera: Armed men steal guns in West Mobile neighborhood

Posted: Jul 17, 2017 11:47 PM EDT Updated: Jul 18, 2017 12:11 PM EDT
According to Mobile Police, each suspect was holding a pistol in the West Mobile neighborhood. Photo: Scott Ellzey.According to Mobile Police, each suspect was holding a pistol in the West Mobile neighborhood. Photo: Scott Ellzey.

A West Mobile neighborhood is on high alert after surveillance cameras catch two armed men breaking into cars and stealing guns.

We're told it happened several times over the weekend, and the same cul-de-sac was targeted. The burglary caught on camera was off Saddlebrook Drive. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office and the Mobile Police Department are both looking for the bad guys, since the crimes happened on the jurisdiction line.

The sheriff's office says the duo has struck multiple times in the same neighborhood, targeting unlocked cars in the Hamilton Creek and Richmond subdivisions, which are off Dawes Road.

The neighbor who caught the two thieves on video tells FOX10 News he's worried what would have happened if he tried to stop the armed thieves. He didn't want to show his face on camera. 

"I'm glad that I didn't walk outside unprepared...or put my family in a bad situation not knowing," he says. 

It's not something you want to see in your quiet West Mobile neighborhood: two men, holding pistols in your driveway, walking straight towards your house. 

The surveillance video was recorded at three in the morning, and the two thieves had just stolen the guns they were carrying from cars on another street, according to authorities. We're told they lucked out again, finding two more guns in an unlocked jeep. 

"They weren't nervous, they seemed like they were very familiar with the area, and they had no problem walking up into somebody's garage, front door, and...just no fear."

Then...they rummaged through another neighbor's car in his backyard, one of the men, crouched down to be the look out.

They ended up not taking anything. Another neighbor says the crooks tried to get into her car too...but it was locked. That was early Sunday morning, then Sunday night, the sheriff's office says the same two came back in a white SUV. This time, no guns, just spray paint. An "obscene" image was painted on the fence.

Neighbors of course, are much more concerned about the bold crime the night before.

"You have a situation that could turn deadly...and pretty much make a dramatic change to anyone's family that walks out." 

Authorities want you to look out for a white Suburban or Yukon XL shown in the video. Mobile Police also want this to be a reminder to lock your car, even if it's in your driveway.

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