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David Armstrong

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A lot has been written about the effect of a major EMP-type event, be it natural or man-made.  It is one of the most likely incidents we face, IMO, and while not a "everyone is going to die" thing it would throw us back to the 1800s, and most folks today are not equipped for that, nor is the government.  For those not familiar with the concept it is actually pretty simple to think electricity for years, if not decades.  Not one of those things that we address by "OK, I just need to get through the next 72 hours and then help will be here" philosophy.

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We depend on our gadgets and machines for to much.   I certainly don't want to live like they did 200 years ago.   I enjoy our modern conveniences as they make my life easier and better.   However, I know how to live like they did 200 years ago and can and will should the need arise.  

This EMP thing is frightening to me as this would mean absolute chaos as millions of snow flakes stand on the corner waiting for the Government to bring them MRE's and water.  If vehicles, planes and trains won't function they can't get the supplies to the snow flakes and they will all melt.  The shear amount of rotting flesh will create serious health issues and bring back disease's we haven't seen in our life time.  Once these outbreaks start you will have to keep any stranger at a distance and those refusing that order will add to death toll.

Another issue with the limited use of these weapon on the Battle field is the fact that our troops have to much junk.   I know laptops, drones, GPS, Inferred Optic, laser range finders and all this stuff enhances their ability to complete their mission, which is to kill the enemies of our country.   If none of this stuff is going to be working will our modern troops know how to fight without all that mess?  Do they even still train with bayonet?  Their supply chain will be shut down so they better know how to survive in whichever country they are stuck in.  How will they get home?  Our Navy has one Major Sailing Vessel "Old Iron Sides" and a few hundred thousand troops stationed around the world.  

As for each of us, just by the fact we are reading and talking about this most likely means we are also preparing.  Bullets and Beans my good friends.

On that thought I have been keeping current with my food stores.  David suggested Emergency Essentials and I made some purchases months back.   They will hound you to hell with e-mail specials but put up with them as just today I got a special e-mail and purchased four cans of dried blue berries and two more cans of sliced bananas and 56% and 41% off respectively.   I guess I will sitting here for a couple years eating and wondering how we let all this happen.

JD McGuire, Owner
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Agreed. This is why I do what I do, and did what I did.

I bought plenty of ammo during the fat times.
I bought a house on the river in a dead end very rural neighborhood.
I am an RN, BSN with nearly a decade of experience including ICU, ER, pediatrics, and most things in between.
I lift the weights daily, and am about to get back into fighting (jujitsu this time).
If I am not stronger and better armed than the force opposing me, then I will endeavour to be too valuable to them to discard. Barring that, I'll cost a lot to get rid of. 
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