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Just when you thought finding the right round for that Hunting rifle or a carry round was hard enough it just got harder.   Browning has come out with a full line.  Rifle, shotgun, pistol, Hunting, target and defense.   Way to many options to list here so here is a link to their catalog.   Also, any member who tries this brand should be the first to post a review of it.   Hint, Hint were is Tangle? 

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The options for ammo when I was at Browning UK were limited.
A few FN made cartridges were in stock at the warehouse.

Even though I wasn't into shotguns back then, I became interested to know that part of my salary was an ammo allowance.
Mentioned this to a friend who was a keen hunter. He told me to check out a couple of the FN options for him.
Duly did as asked & ended up with the remaining UK stock on an FN 12-ga cartridge in the back of the car next time I was back home.
The ammo was FN Dispersante? or some such name. Wish I still had some, just for interest.
It was a square shot, designed to have extra rapid expansion for short range grouse, snipe & quail type shooting.

A couple of months later the big boss found out & nearly skinned me [biggrin]

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