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in 2008 the State of California began requiring FFL Dealer who wanted to transfer a gun into their state to register with the California Department of Justice.   We then have to go on line, sign in and enter information as to the firearm and the dealer sending it to.   We then print out an Approval letter that has to accompany the firearm.

Since A Federal Firearms License is just that, a Federal License, many Dealer refused and would not ship to California.   Of course that only punished gun owners in that state and the boycott did not last long as it is such a big market.   I signed immediately as I was not going to deny gun owners in that state an AI&P Tactical Shotgun.

Signing up was easy and getting an Approval Letter takes only about three minutes of my time.

My FFL just renewed and I had forgotten to send one to California DOJ.  I did not realize it till a few minutes ago when I tried to sign on to get an approval letter for a gun I am shipping today.

I then saw a link on that page that read "FFL" renewal.  I clicked on it and entered my new FFL number and expiration date and within 30 seconds I was cleared to sign in.

30 Seconds.   Name any Government Agency that acts that fast on anything.  Name just one.  I guess I did it three years, but seems like I faxed them in the times before that.   So maybe that link was there and I was to dumb to use it.  Also, the only time I had an issue was the site was down for about an hour.  CA DOJ is so much easier to use then any Federal Web site and the US Government should be embarrassed that the states have better web sites and operate more proficiently.   

I have contacted them before and always go a knowledgeable person on the phone who professionally and promptly assisted me.   So when I hear gun owners griping about ATF and some their state licensing or regulating authorities I have to pipe in that the CA DOJ has the best used friendly web site and fastest response to problems.   

I know it is not popular to speak well of anyone who over-sees our gun rights but I call it as I see it.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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