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I just got took to school by a Rep at Chip McCormick.   I have been using the 10rd power mags in my 1911 Agent and Defender.   I figured they fit and give me more rounds so I carry them in a Mag pouch and I would not care if they stick down because if they hit the mag well I am in a fight.

This is not advised and being the idiot I am I was risking damage to my 1911's.   The reason is there is no "Over Travel Protection"  since the base of the mag does not reach the frame of the gun and have the upward travel stopped by the frame. So if I aggressively slam the mag in and it jumps past the magazine catch it can hit and break the ejector.

They make an 8 round Power Mag for the Officer size frames so I am going to take that Reps advice and use these now.

If any of you have purchased the 10 round mags for an Officer size frame 1911 from me because of my comments I will gladly take them back and give you a refund or exchange them for the 8 round Power Mags once they are in stock and I get a supply of them.

So after years of giving sound advice on everything I in my ignorance may have led some people wrong.   Being a Jew and once a Carpenter it is assuring that I am not perfect as we know what happened to the only Perfect Jewish Carpenter and I sure don't want to go through that.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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