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Just got to shoot something which is more fun than I have had in ages. And, it is an interesting defensive carbine too boot. I think it might just make a very interesting and good part of a vehicle kit for a survival carbine and defensive weapon. It is the Kel-Tec CMR30. This little thing is fun and I mean FUN to shoot, it takes 10 times the time to load mags than it does to empty them. And its tiny and light, it could really be an interesting survival/defensive weapon for a vehicle survival and GHB kit. At a bit over 3 pounds its a delight to pack if you end up on foot, and very accurate. No, its not a .45 but no one wants to get a half dozen .22 mags in the torso either. Even one in the cranium would definitely wreck a day. And when you end up on foot in an emergency situation having to walk home every ounce you carry matters. Normally I have carried only a handgun in my GHB kit so the addition of a longgun without sacrificing a ton of weight is very appealing. Saving weight on a long gun gives the ability to add another bottle or canteen of water or some other item. 

Add a red dot sight, a forward grip and say a half dozen loaded 30 round mags and you still have probably less than 6 pounds total. That's a lot of firepower in an emergency or for food procurement. Abd it all would fit in something about the size of a double tennis racket bag. 

I will have to give this one some real thought. I like to have at least 2 forearms for every caliber I stock or reload for, and the .22 magnum is one I have only had one for, a Savage bolt action. I have been trying to think of what might be a good second choice in that caliber and this just might be a really decent choice. If I do got the route maybe the PMR30 might be the next thing...

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Haven't seen one of those yet but just the ffl transfer for a friend on the PMR 30 he got from Cheaper than Dirt because I could not get them.   The issue with it for me was the grip is two large for my "girly man hands".   So I will stick with my AR-7 in may grab bag.   I would love it if Ruger would make the 10/22 in a take down model .22 Magnum and make 15 and 20 rounds mags for it.  That would retire my AR-7 to a locker in the Boat.
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