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I use surefire weapon/combat lights have several Z2 cobat light .m3 weapon light with quick detach base and remote wire switch . Also a 962 kit light . Also 952 combat light with remote wire switch. And. 660 weapon light .sure fire is a good quality Amercian made light .the 962&952 can be weapon mounted or handheld if need be. The m3 I have has a 1000 lumen bulb which is 13 volts being I use cr123a rechargeable they can peak or burn out and blow bulbs .cr123a rechargeable batteries come in 3.0v or 3.7 volts.battery output can burn most bulbs when you turn them on .bulbs can be expensive.the higher voltage bulbs can Handel rechargeable output voltage or option B led bulbs .are hard to find or buy extra adapter for them to work right .main thing I have found is surefire while good light they can be expensive. $$$most of mine have come from E bay and they all function great. Good luck with what ever choice of weapon light you decide on.
Semper fi .

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I am not a big believer in weapon mounted lights, unless you have extremely good self control. Used like most people tend to use them they break one of the main rules of firearms, never point a weapon at anything(one) you are not willing to destroy. Most people tend to use them for home clearing, using the light as a search tool, naturally this points the weapon at everything you look at. And yes, before anyone says it, I know we all say if it is in my house its fair game, well yes and no, I personally tend to have relatives who may visit occasionally, and no matter how slight the possibility one might be stating over and in my sleep induced fog I may have forgotten, or my wife coud have slipped out of bed unnoticed, or who knows what may be. Heck, it could be a drunk neighbor kid who wandered in the front door that I somehow forgot to lock. I simply know until I see it, I cannot make a conscious choice with 100 percent certainty  if I want to point a weapon at it and possibly destroy it. Now if one uses a seperate hand held light for the search and the weapon light simply for the shooting, then I would use one.  

Just a personal opinion.

This is why I use a handgun with separate handlight for clearing and the shotgun for static room defense, let them come to me... For lights I prefer the 300lumen range over the new mega lumen lights, 1000 etc. The reason for this is reflection outside in close foliage, or in hallways or rooms, especially light colored walls. In these situations refection can inhibit my sight also. LEDs are a must. no burned out or broken bulbs.

My current home bedside table choices are Inova T2s ( the old single level output non flared bezel models) for both sides, for compatability of use, same reason Model 66 357s and identical speedloaders in both there because my wife prefers revolvers so no matter which side you go to its identical. For my personal carry and GHB bags I use Shining Beam I minis because they can use both AA and CR123 batteries.wi

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I want all the lumens. All the lux. A damn portable sun would be about right. Sunlight is 100,000 LUX. The human eyes were made to do best with sunlight. I want to work with the design, not at compromise with it.

Currently I am using a 680 lumen 69,000 LUX Modlite OKW. It makes my 500 lumen Surefire mini-scout (same size) seem so inadequate. Every time I get a brighter light, I just want MORE!

That house is 500 yards away, approximately, credit photo to Steve Fisher

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