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I can imagine anyone reading this, including me, is very happy the Hilldabeast lost the election.   I however do not think we can get to comfy because the guy that won is not what he passed himself off to be.   He is not a conservative in any sense of the word.  I have very strong opinions as to what he is but will not go into that except as it relates to this topic.

We as gun owners can not relax and think our Second Amendment rights are safe.   Trump is very egotistical and making a deal and coming out on top is very important to him.   Everything is on the table with him and he will give up some of what we strongly believe are our rights, just to get the Dem's to support something he wants.

So I believe he would and most likely will once the Dem's realize they can get them, magazine capacity restrictions, some restrictions on so called Assault weapons (yea, I know) and even some carry rights.  I thing even Draconian type background checks are just around the corner also. 

We can not relax and have to stay on top of it.  Pay attention to pending legislation and voice your demands to our so called elected leaders.   The state level is where a lot of damage is going to be done also so get involved the also.  The man about to be president will sell us out to get any thing he wants. WE CAN NOT RELAX.

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He spent too long as a Democrat to be anything other than that deep down...
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