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Last night at about 9:15, my wife took our Pomeranian out for the call of nature (Yes, she is a guard dog! lol).  My wife came right back in and said we had a drone in our yard.  She was correct, there in the middle of my backyard was a landed drone, blinking green and red and labeled "Predator FPV."  I picked it up, took out the battery and resisted the urge to put several holes in it with an AI&P tactical shotgun.  It is equipped with a camera.

I brought it into the house and this morning my wife was on the neighborhood forum and some woman over one street has claimed in on behalf of her husband.  She was very clear to distance herself from the operation of the drone.  I called the police, but they seemed to think this is a "non-event" and the drone likely ran low on power and hovered itself into a landing. 

I have a college age daughter who is sometimes at home.  My immediate neighbor has two under age ten daughters.   I am having a difficult time understanding why a male, adult, would be flying a drone on a Tuesday, after dark, in a suburban subdivision.

The "pilot" of the drone is supposed to come by between 4:00 and 6:00 today to get "his" drone.  Technically, as it "landed" on my property, it/he has committed trespass.  If it merely flew over my property, I likely have no recourse.  But as landed on my property, the law is a bit different. 

My question is:  What, if any, legitimate, reasons might a 45ish man have for flying a drone, in a subdivision, after dark????   Please help me understand!

Francis Lynch

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Please review below. If this is the drone its video transmission distance is about 30 meters. Video is stored on the smartphone the owner is using. This drone has a battery low alarm so the owner would know it is going dead. (ONE KEY RETURN: Avoid loss and return your Quadcopter at the press of a key). The police should at least record the incident and file the info. I would get a "bill of sale" from the owner when he comes to reclaim it, note serial number and get a couple of geo-tagged photos of him retrieving it at your house.
 We use drones for structure inspections and the temptation of snooping with them is something we cover with employees.

If the owner was up to no good with his toy is something you will have to determine when you "interview" him this afternoon. I would "professionally" let him know that you have concerns of him being a sexual predator and invading your privacy is a grave concern to you and the other neighbor. Leave the shotgun in the safe. You might not like his answers and might be tempted to save your state some incarceration money.

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Wow, great information.  Thank you!
Indigenous Irregular

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I can think of no legit reason for a flight at that time in that place.  From what Mr. Lynch said it seems the video is not recorded on the drone and that's unfortunate.

Maybe its because I'm a jaded cynic but I think something might be going on and perhaps consulting with a lawyer might be a good idea.

I could be very interesting hearing from RF/cell phone guys to find out if whatever data was transmitted to that phone might be a matter of record somewhere that a subpoena duces tecum could reach.   
Indigenous Irregular

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I just read the part about the Micro-SD card in the drone.  That might be worthy of examination.

Junior Member
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How'd it go?

Did your wife post the fact that the drone ended up in your yard? 

I'd remove any micro SD cards and examine the pics before letting the "owner" reclaim it.

Good luck.

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We changed our approach and posted that they could pick up the drone off of our front porch.  We put all of the info. on the neighborhood forum and I spoke with several neighbors about the drone.  I put a carefully worded statement on the drone and liberally duck taped the note to the drone.  I made it clear what I thought about the incident.  Goo be gone will likely be necessary to return the drone to it original "luster."

The wife of the drone operator said the drone had malfunctioned and landed itself in our yard.  Her statement, sent to my wife via a private message on the forum, was clearly a "CYA" statement.  I'm not sure if she is covering for her teenage son or her husband, the bank employee.  Either way, the neighborhood is now alerted and I hope the incident is closed.
Francis Lynch

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Drones could also be used to case your property to see if there is anything worth stealing.   I am in a rural area and they call my place "The Compound" because of the fences, lights, cameras and K-9's.   I would get very concerned if I saw a drone checking out my place due the gun shop being on the property.   No sure what these things cost or what the resale value would be with .32 caliber holes in them but the owner would find out if it hangs around my shop to long.
JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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