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The Mylar Emergency Blanks are a must have.   These can be had for $1 or less and can save a life.   There are so many uses and all can involve either saving a life or simply providing comfort.  They come in a zip lock bag and only measure 3"X 4" so are so easy to carry. Here are a few uses.

If you hunt I recommend having at least two in your pockets. If you come across an injured hunter and can't move him these can provide warmth and protect against rain.  Preventing shock while waiting for assistance can save a life. You could be that injured hunter.  

You should have several in your vehicle incase you come upon an accident scene.  Or break down in an isolated area, and here in Michigan that is very possible to happen in the winter. 

You should have them in your pocket anytime you go into the wilderness.  

They also act as emergency ponchos and protect against rain and wind.

Can be used as an emergency shelter lean-to if needed. 

They are reflective and make excellent signaling devices when spread out in an open area.  Or if you are lost and injured and are sleeping rescuers could walk right past you, wrap up in one of these and they can see you.

Excellent ground tarp for your sleeping bag when camping. You need twice as much on the ground then you have over you to keep warm, these reflect your body up back up and keep the ground from taking it.

If you break down and need to look under the vehicle one of these can keep your clothes clean.

Can  be used in the as a protective layer to put stuff on in your vehicle.  Now come on, I know some of you pick up road kill for grilling when company comes over [rolleyes]

And yes, I have these on 


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Yep very handy thing. A lot of people I have met doubt that they can really work as advertised. then I tell them about my niece, she went to Ireland as part of a college exchange program. Part of their ting was to bring their bedding, and with the weights allowed per student there had to be some compromise somewhere. So I bought her one of the deluxe space blankets, they are lined and a bit thicker and heavier, but they also do away with the small pocket versions one main issue and that is strength. They do tend to rip easy if used for longer periods of time. She took this deluxe version and an inflatable pillow and was able to use the weight on things she felt more important.

This blanket was her thermal bedding for an entire Irish winter season, indoors yes, but in a dorm where heat is regulated fairly low. And she said she was always comfortable. They do work...  

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I pick them up on clearance at work after camping season is over, and flea markets and  such. I add them to go bags. 
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