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Francis Lynch

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Learned this right after Hurricane Irma. Cans of fix a flat, tire plugs and a 12 volt air pump is a must with all the debris on the roads. Add a couple of cans of tire slim to round out your kit also.

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Been carrying a kit just like that for years.
Stay prepared. You never know.

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Yep, got then covered.   Have a plug tool in the tool box of the truck and an electric air pump that plugs into the accessory plugs ( new name for cigarette lighter).   Have the same plug tool in the ultility box of the Quad along with an manual air pump as those tires only require 4 lbs.  If I have to leave here the Quad is coming with me.  If fuel becomes an issue or the truck can not get through to were I am going the Quad becomes my transportation as I am to old to walk very far.

Flat tires are common after a major storm as after Andrew South Florida was littered with shingles with roofing nails protruding out of them.   Punctured feet from those nails is the most common injury after a Major storm.

Also, for those of you that don't how I suggest learning how to take a tire off of a rim, repair it and put it back on with only hand tools.   I learned that from my Grandfather.  Here is a good way to do that:


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