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Seeing his "Assholiness Emperor Barrack" get on Marine One for the last time was a wonder sight.   Good riddance.  

Twice in the last eight years I almost lost my Business due to his BS regulation and back door thievery disguised as taxes.   I have been stressed and beaten down for no other reason then I was a small business man and gun dealer.  I was nothing more to him then a source of revenue he needed to spread his ultra left wing ideology. 

I have had to watch an Attorney General and a President attack our Police and spread undeserving hated for those who are sworn to protect us. 

I had to watch a President of the United bow to a Saudi Princess and to the President of a Country we defeated in a blood bath that took so many of my fellow Marines.  Yes, bow from the waist down and go so low I thought he was going to shine there shoes or kiss their sandals.

I am so relieved that he is gone.  The new guy does not have to do much as the bar has been set so low for the last eight years.    As I posted here before I will not relax when it comes to our rights under the Second Amendment.   I intend to be as active as ever and hope all of you will. 

Yet somehow just his being there for those eight years makes me feel unclean.   It is going to take a lot to wash all the filth away.   He has damaged this country and a cleansing will take many years.  It seems the country is as divided now as it was in 1860.  Maybe it has always been so.   I have no idea how to bring it back and will have to trust that to others more wiser then me.

With all this said, Obama is not really going away.   He will be jumping in front of a camera every time he can.   GW Bush never, not one single time, criticized Obama.   But Obama is going to make Jimmy Carter appear to be a Death Mute.   Yes, he will be commenting on everything and of course he will be attempting the remind the American People of his Greatness.   That is why there is a Mute Button on my remote control

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Seeing Obama & his pet Wookie board that helicopter & fly away from the White House was one of the saddest things I have seen on TV in 5 decades!!

....they should have made the bastard WALK = waste of a good helicopter crews time!
He was a private citizen boarding that aircraft. Hope they bill him at full cost for fuel, & for transporting a dangerous animal too.

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I called the last occupant of the white house "President O'Bummer, and I thought two of my liberal co-workers were about to cry.  I guess they found my statement disrespectful.  Ugh!  I respect the office, but that last person, #44, was never my president.  I never voted for him, never would, and it has nothing to do with his race, and everything to do with his belief system, which is 180 degrees the opposite of mine.  The best thing I can say about him is that he is now out of office.  [smile] [smile] [smile]
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