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Great New's for NJ residents. 10 round capacity. What's funny I always put 12 or 13 now it will be 7-8.

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Wow. If I lived there, I'd move. That's absurd.

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I feel your pain. Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse. I know. I live in New York. It’s only one small, minor step from residing in California. These brain dead, pathetic, idiotic, mindless, cretin, Liberal, Progressive, fools we have running this state are too busy trying to push their noses as far up the butt of what we have for a governor they can’t see anything, but can still hear and hang on his no balls agenda and ideas he think will get him in the WH.
He pushed through his NY Safe Act in the middle of the night w/o anyone but his cronies present. No vote, no legislation, no citizen or LE input, only Andy’s idea of what the start of a gun free state should be.

He put the 10 round limit in affect along with outlawing AR’s or any rifle that has a grip, a flash suppressor, an adjustable stock, removable magazine, or God forbid a thumb hole. He’s tried his hand at micro-stamping ammo along with attempting to limit ammunition purchases to 30 rounds a month! He failed at the last two. Now he’s strongly pushing an agenda where upon any teacher (amongst others) can file a report indicating a child may have problems and any firearms should be removed from his family’s home or from wherever the kid lives. That just took root last week.

I can go on and on, but I’ve been here and done it here before. But this clown keeps coming up with ideas that apparently are dropping out of some elephants ass in a zoo around NYC. The number one lost cause city in the state followed by Andy’s house in Albany.

I’m sorry 1187 but it is NOT going to get better for us. Matter of fact the entire NE is looking really sad. For me, I’m old, did just shy of 30 years as a LEO, and retired over 10 years ago. I also bought a place in FL where so far I can still keep my sanity, shoot and own mostly what and when I want, and put NY in the rear view for 6 out of 12 months (if not more). If you like your guns, your freedom, your peace of mind, and can possibly get out here “just do it”.

Regards, David F. 
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