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Is the Hi-Point 4095 carbine the roofing hatchet of the firearms world? Perhaps, perhaps it is a bit more, I suppose that all depends upon the end user. But, for those who do not know what a roofing hatchet is, it is, wait for it, a hatchet you use when you are doing roofing and not really great for other “hatchet” uses. Actually it is seldom used these days, but it is a very effective tool for roofing. I found an old roofing hatchet, not the modern lightweight job, but the old style of 50 plus years ago, in my dad’s shed when I was a kid and used it for everything for a couple years. Eventually however two things occurred which made me realize just how specialized the roofing hatchet was. The first was I was given a Marbles belt ax for my birthday and I found out what a real woods tool was like, and two, I was volunteered to help my father put on a roof, using, you guessed it my roofing hatchet. I found that the roofing hatchet could be used for many tasks, but there was one which it shined at, the one it was designed for.

Ok, back to the Hi-Point, it is a singular weapon which upon first using and holding the weapon seems like it may be a one trick pony, but we get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait and see how is shakes out.

Let’s start with the specs which will give us much insight into the Hi-Point carbine:

Overall length: 32 inches
Barrel length: 17.5 inches
Caliber : 45 ACP
Capacity: 10 +1
Sights adjustable peep
Weight: 7 lbs
Action: Blowback
Stock: Polymer with built in shock absorbers

needs/choosing this weapon

This rifle was purchased with a singular mission in mind, and was set up accordingly. This was to be my wife’s new main home defense weapon. It was researched and purchased because of certain characteristics which fit her personal needs. She has carpal tunnel and has found it hard to use any of our lever action carbines, or my pump action shotgun, so she needed an easy to use semi-auto with front and rear pistol grips so that she did not have to “break” or twist her wrists while shooting. Secondly she is sinister, sounds wicked doesn’t she, so the controls had to be left hand (sinister) compatible. Third it had to shoot a good SD caliber, but yet not recoil too greatly as she also has shoulder issues. With these things in mind we went out and tried some weapons. The Hi-Point in .45 acp carbine was her eventual choice. Set up with the front and rear pistol grip it was easy for her to maneuver, and the controls were perfectly placed for a left hander, in fact I would go so far as to say they are easier for a leftie than a righty. The .45 acp was a caliber we already stock and reload, so it was a no brainer. And the weight and shock absorbing system built into the stock made it a very easy shooter for her. Lastly the hand to hand magazine exchange of the pistol grip configuration was very easy and intuitive for her to use. Easier in fact for her than other magazine fed options.

First Impressions and setup:

Now from opening the box and looking at these specs. we can take away a lot, this carbine is heavy, when you finish adding on things like spare magazine and holder, front foregrip, laser/flashlight, or both, and reflex sight you are talking M1 Garand type heavy but in a much shorter and less well weight distributed package. Its heavy, and right away my first thought was not something I want to take on patrol. Second this is an ugly bugger. It’s not pretty wood or smooth lines, it is black and has all sorts of angular lines, cuts and edges. With its three top and bottom mounted rails (one top sight rail, and one barrel one stock bottom rail) and the sharp looking cuts on the forearm it just looks “sharp” and uncomfortable when slung. But, it looks functional, everything in its place and nothing extraneous, just what it needs to work.

The first step in getting used to this was to order a front grip assembly and a combination green laser and white LED light combo unit. Both were ordered and installed, one word of warning here, one must take care to order the correct units as this has WEAVER rails not PICATINNY rails, one needs to familiarize themselves with the differences. Basically if you have a weaver rail item it will fit picatinny rail, but a picatinny item may or may not fit a weaver rail system, often not in my experience.

So the foregrip was installed, it comes with a handy Hi-Point sight adjusting tool I was surprised did not come with the carbine itself. And an NC Star green laser/200 lumen sight /light combo unit was ordered from Sportmans guide and installed. This unit allows both the green laser and light to be used either at the same time, or separately, something I like and allows for constant or flash use by a simple flip of the switch.

After this was set up several hundred rounds were put though it at the range during several range sessions and we found it to be a pleasant shooter. Accuracy was very good with every load we tried and it never had a hiccough with any load, it digested everything we put through it. I was very happy and impressed. Starting out close and moving back we quickly had the iron sights and laser shooting to the same POI. The weight while heavy was pretty much forgotten over the course of shooting, and it sure helped in recoil pulses. This is basically a very soft shooter, the weight and built in shock absorber system both with well. It would be easy to go to the range and shoot up a case of ammunition with this thing. But it would take a while, the 10 round magazines are a bit limiting.

This thing works great for what we bought it for. It is an excellent home defense weapon and one if it continues to shoot like it has, I will be very confident leaving my wife home with alone. The controls are perfect for her, but honestly harder for a right handed user. The charging handle requires a complete reposition to manipulate with the left hand, as does the magazine release which I could not manipulate with my thumb its just too far away, a long thumbed person may find it usable. We found that she could change magazines and work the charging handle without unshouldering the weapon where I could not do so. The 10 round magazine is limiting in a firefight situation, so I am planning on adding the Hi-Point dual magazine holder to the stock, more weight, so she would have 30 rounds easily available. Hopefully some company like Redball will make some extended .45 acp mags like they have the 9MM version.

Is it a one trick pony? Yes, and no, it could easily be called into use for patrol work, as long as one is young and fit and do not mind the weight. Its .45 acp caliber is plenty of firepower for close range work making it and its short size ideal for CQB. I could see it being used as home defense or for building clearing use. Its small capacity may be a bit limiting but there are work arounds and hopefully soon higher capacity options.
Would I choose it over an AR as a defensive carbine, probably not for myself, but we could, and did for my wife and her very specific needs. I could also see someone choosing it for similar purposes a shotgun is used for in CQB, sans breaching capability, it is definitely easier to shoot and put subsequent shots on target, with a greater capacity then most common shotguns. Overall, its ugly and shoots very well, and is I believe worth more than its very reasonable price. Which btw is so low that many believe it just cannot be any good.

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I think of Hi-Point rifles more as a firearms version of the Gerber Suspension multi-tool. Cheap, ugly, somewhat useful for many things, doesn't excel at any of them. 
They are reliable, but a PITA to clean and work on. It would be infinitely more popular if it took the GI 1911 mags and aftermarket versions thereof. (So would the .45 Hi-Point pistol) 

For your purposes, it actually is a good fit. I see them as a great gun to toss behind the seat of the truck, though not the first I'd choose. I almost bought one when I had the pistol, but I gave the pistol to my kid and the dummy traded it towards an 1100. 
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