It started out about 2 years ago as a project for a friend, a semi-fancy chute styled knife. It was just about finished, had fancy burl wood scales, homemade mosaic pins and copper bolsters, was just getting ready to final polish it and sharpen it when I accidently rapped it against the bench, and the copper bolster popped off, then I rapped it hard again and the other side popped off, mad, I threw it and it stuck in the wall of my workshop, right about the nose of the hostage in a hostage target hanging there, and that is where it stayed for about 2 years when I moved. I normally pin my bolsters as well as solder them (which I evidently did not do a good job of as they fell off), this time I did not, and did not drill holes for pins before hardening the blade, and I just left it for trash and started over.

Well a few weeks back my wife got me going on doing another knife so I picked this up and decided to finish it. Heated the blade and took off the scales, tossed them away and salvaged the pins. Used the back slat on an old teachers chair for the scales so everything was a "second chance" at new life. Gave it a quick polish with Flitz, not enough to take out all the blemishes of humidity and winters toll but enough that it does not look like junk. Now its a simple knife that should provide some decent service. Will give it a shake out test over hunting season and maybe put it in one of my kit bags