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JD's dog leashes: If you don't have one already you are missing out.

I picked up a rescue Pit Bull at the pound and the dog very strong. I took a road trip recently and had two dogs to manage.  The leash is so versatile it made dealing with the 2 of them much easier.  First of all, when it's extended it's something we are used to working with- a rifle sling.  The ends are the HK type hooks and the webbing is strong.  There's hooks on both ends and medal D rings to make the leash 1/2 the length and another D ring to make a handle on the end.  
In my case I with the 2 dogs I used the retractable leash with my other dog and had JD's sling wrapped around my chest. It was a godsend.  By doing this I had the option to have at least one hand free to get bowls, water, food, open car doors, scratch my genitals, etc. I wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise or would have to spend more time separating at the very minimum.

I use the leash every day now and anything from a pet store is a mere toy by comparison.  I'm picking up more as gifts for relatives with large dogs.
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