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I got into the bad habit of playing with other platforms the past few years and then getting all of the latest the greatest AR's for range play. I kind of realized that for KISS I needed to take a step back and get back to basics.  I received a Meprolight M21 for an early Christmas present and wanted to put that to use too.  At the same time I also started to take a long look at the Daniel Defense M4  (pre M4V1) I had in the back of the safe collecting dust.  Combing them made sense and then that got me on a roll. So here's my build for simple, serious AR.  

Daniel Defense M4 Carbine
-12" Omega X Rail, FSB
   - Requires DD barrel nut, but the nut does not interface the gas tube, a plus IMO.
   - Quad rails provide lots of real estate and no tools.
- Fixed front sight base, taper pinned, F marked
   -  Strong and simple
   - Co witness with M-21
- DD vertical foregrip
   - No tools needed to move it around on the rail.
- Olight PL-2
   - Mounted inline on the sighting plane up front.
   - Compact and mounts below the front sight post, unlike the TLR-1
- LMT SOPMOD stock, GG&G flip rear sight, Geissle trigger, BCM charging handle, Surefire FH
   - Had these in the parts bin and put them to use
- Meprolight M21 w. polarizing filter
   - No batteries, no switches.  Simple triangle.
    - Good co-witness on sights if the reticle washes out.
    - QD built in so if it fails I can throw it at the enemy to knock them out (it's a brick)

I'm liking this combo so far.  It's kind of close to a block II M4.

David Armstrong

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I got an out-of-the-box AR back in 1985.  Only thing I did to it was put a Colt 4x fixed power sight on the carrying handle.  Sometimes it is on there, sometimes it is off, depending on the mood.  Passed it on to my son-in-law a while back.  Sort of funny, he experienced the same thing I did at times.  You break out an old model, 20" barrel, fixed stock, 20 round magazine, etc and everyone sort of snickers and wants to know why you don't do "X" to it.  Then after you whip the pants off them during the training (yes, the son-in-law followed in my footsteps and did me proud) you just look over at them, smile nicely, and say "That's why I don't do "X" to it."

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I still have my old Colt SP-1 made in 1977. The Colt 4x on the carry handle is 100% how it's done and that's just the bottom line.  Any modification to that is crime against humanity.  Mine has the old 1 in 12" barrel so it's limited to 55 grain, but it's never failed me.  

The SP1 carbine has eluded me over the years though and it's been on my bucket list but now they have become somewhat collectible.

Here's mine..

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