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ADMIN:   They are at it again.  Their comments are getting more extreme as some include that the NRA is a Terrorist Organization, a call for the repeal of the Second, and that Twit Nancy Sinatra stating that NRA Members should face a firing Squad which I certainly don't understand as she is anti gun but has no problem with shooting law abiding American citizens.  Anyway.  Here is a story Dan Gainor listing some of the current anti gun, anti-NRA, anti you and me trash coming out of their mouths.:

Media Push Gun Control, Attack NRA:The media have a pre-written script for gun stories – shift as soon as possible into a discussion of gun control and declare the National Rifle Association evil. Or worse.

GQ’s professional kook Keith Olbermann called the NRA “a terrorist organization” and the media ate it up. The Hill, HuffPost and Raw Story were just a few to highlight his comments, even though it’s been years since Olbermann has been anything other than a circus sideshow to American politics.

But Olbermann isn’t alone. Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw came out against the NRA in full attack mode, urging citizens “to organize on the other side.” He even claimed if members of Congress run against the NRA “you’re portrayed as a traitor to America.”

New York Times theoretically conservative columnist Bret Stephens made a mockery of his credentials and called for a complete repeal of the Second Amendment. Claiming he “never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment,” Stephens skewered most of what the left proposes for gun control. “Expansive interpretations of the right to bear arms will be the law of the land — until the ‘right’ itself ceases to be,” he argued.

MSNBC proven liar and anchor Brian Williams said he didn’t understand why the Sandy Hook shooting hadn’t resulted in more gun regulation. “Why don't we act? What is the problem? What was it about first graders losing their lives that wasn't sad enough to result in changes?” he asked. Fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough blamed "extreme gerrymandering" for NRA success. Apparently, he’s never heard of the Democratic gerrymander in Maryland.

And when the media weren’t pushing an agenda, they were busy being outright wrong about guns. The Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski could work 24-7 squashing these errors and barely make a dent. Gutowski summed it up nicely, writing: “There is no way around it: The news industry is incomprehensibly inept at reporting on guns.” He noted that only three news organizations cover the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – the Washington Free Beacon, The Trace, and

3. Look to Hollywood to Learn How to Think Correctly: You don’t have to look far in Tinseltown to find stars saying all the right (left) things about guns. Singer Nancy Sinatra recommended that NRA members “should face a firing squad.” Public Enemy’s Chuck D echoed much of the left, describing the NRA as a “terrorist organization.” Comedian Michael Ian Black repeated an identical sentiment: “The NRA is a terrorist organization. There's no other way to say it.”

Hollywood was awash in such declarations. Perennial left-winger Michael Moore came out with a complete rewrite of the Second Amendment that essentially guts it and doesn’t even let owners keep guns in their homes. Britain’s Piers Morgan declared: “The NRA is killing America” and singer Lady Gaga said “there is blood on the hands of those who have the power to legislate.”

All of that makes perfect sense because we know that Hollywood never makes any movies with guns or gun violence in them. Never at all. Last year’s top 10 movies included four superhero flicks that feature tons of gun violence – including “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool.” And 2017 is already shaping up to have the top 10 films also filled with gun violence. That is, after all, how Hollywood stars get paid.

Dan Gainor is the Media Research Center's Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.

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