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Remember that worse case of jock itch?   It was hell on earth.   Then at last the relief when it went away.  That is the relief I felt when the Hilldabeast lost the election.

So, now the buzz is she is looking to come back to politics.  Maybe as a Mayor or who know what.  Even buzz that her spawn may run for Congress.   The Clintons appear to be an horrible rash that is just not going away.

So, If she wants to stay in public service I think the President should simply make an appointment.  It is the old adage of "Keep you friends close and your enemies closer".  So Mr President please give Hillary an appoint, say as Ambassador to Libya and build her a new Embassy in Bengasi.

If you won't do that then at least open an investigation into their criminal enterprise AKA "Foundation".  Get enough on them to use to keep them out of Public service so they can no longer sell influence and rape the public coffers.  Or, simply put them all behind bars where they belong.w

JD McGuire, Owner
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