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ADMIN:  I am going to post this but have to say I don't agree with their actions.  At first she attacks the guy and he gets her gun and the fighting starts.   I disagree with any use of Deadly force to protect money or property.  She owns the store but has insurance I am sure.  Also, she can get more money but has only one life and also put her daughters life at risk.  I was not there and can not say for sure she did wrong but on the surface of it and watching the video ( I can't copy it to down load here) I can't agree with what she did.   Give the dirt bag the money, he is clearly on video and will be caught.  Also in another video of here being interviewed she states she knew him and even told him so and asked him why he was doing this.  WTF, to get the money that is why.   No amount of money in that cash draw is worth a life.   Here is the Story.

Heart-stopping surveillance footage captured a mother and daughter using their own weapons to fight off an armed robber at their family-owned Oklahoma liquor store.

The incident occurred Thursday night at Forest Acres Liquor in Tulsa while Tina Ring, 53, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30, were working.

The video shows a masked man enter the store, brandish a shotgun and clean out the cash register.


The quick-thinking women, however, were able to grab two pistols hidden under the register.

Ring fired several rounds at the suspect, who then wrestled her weapon away, pistol-whipped her and attempted to fire at the women.

Luckily, the gun was out of ammo, and Lee fired her weapon, giving herself and her mother the opportunity to escape.

The thug reportedly went to a local hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma with several gunshot wounds. He is expected to survive.

On "Fox & Friends" on Monday, Ring said she never expected to be forced to use to use a gun in self-defense, but her first thought was her daughter's safety.

"All I saw was the shotgun and his face, and I pulled the trigger," Ring said. "I don't even remember pulling the first two shots. ... I didn't really think about anything other than, 'Just stop. Just stop.' And he just kept coming back at me."

She said she could see the suspect was wounded, but he wouldn't stop trying to get the weapon from her. As she struggled with him, she tried to keep the gun pointed away from her daughter and continue firing.

"I just kept pulling the trigger, so that way I way I would make sure it was unloaded," Ring said.

She revealed that she received seven staples in her head, but she and her daughter were otherwise uninjured.

Ring said she's very emotional and is still processing what happened, but she will be back at work at the store today.

"At 10 o'clock, I'll open the door and start selling. I'm not going to be a victim."

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