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For the last 40+ years I have always commented to people driving VW Beatles that they are driving a Nazi car.   They look at me Like I am crazy.   I then explain that Volkswagen means "Peoples Car" and the design was drawn a napkin by non less then Adolf Hitler.   He then contact Ferdinand Porch and instructed him to build the car.   The idea was to build an inexpensive vehicle for the common man, thus the name Volkswagen.  Hitler did this to of course further his appeal to the German people.   After explaining this the person still thought I was crazy.   But I know History and unfortunately the largest percentage of American people do not nor do they care.   I just saw this picture and wish I had it back then as I doubt anyone I told this story believed me.  

Call me nuts but I am a firm believer that nothing, not one single thing of this monsters existence should remain except documentation of the atrocities he perpetrated on humanity.   I understand that much of our technology came from the Nazi's.   It would have taken us many years later to put anything in orbit and we may not made it to the moon until the 80's if not for Nazi rocket technology so yes, some good came from the same technology that the Nazi's developed for evil.    The Nazi car is not one of them.   A demented monster drew that almost exact design on a napkin and we still have to look at it today.


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