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As some of you might know I have a 12 gauge semi-auto Tristar Raptor ATAC. I'm looking for a tactical sling for it and I'm curious to know if anyone has and have used the Condor 3 Point Slings 3PS-002. Since the stock on my ATAC is hallow I really don't want to drill and screw in swivel studs. It appears that the Condor sling has a A2 type butt stock adapter. I've included some pictures so please advise. The first picture if you don't know in the condor 3 point slings 3ps-002. The second picture  is a Blue Force Gear A2 Buttstock Adapter. Also please take into account that I am retired and living on a fixed budget but I do need a good tactical sling. Condor.png  A2B-BK%20on%20M16%20stock-600x400.jpg  

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I've used a similar style from Spec Ops Brand that is a 1-2-3 point convertible.  It had a buttstock adapter like that.  I ran it for years on my Mossberg 500 until I bit the bullet and installed a $15 flush mount QD pocket into the side of my stock.  I've done the same on my M2 as well.  They are both hollow stocks and the QD mount is explicitly designed for that type of stock. 
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