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The other day I was writing a piece about the use of short shells in the Remington 870 and I recalled seeing where the action was originally designed for shells between 2 7/8" and shorter. The problem is I cannot remember what that shorterr shell specification was! I have seen it listed on some ol the advertising from when the gun was first introduced. Anyone know?

From my experience the 1 7/8" "Mini buck"rounds will not load reliably in a Remington action. However the Dynamid Nobel (DNI) 2 1/4" and Cabela's versions will.

The gun is designed to function with a shorter shell than 2 7/8" so please, let's not waste time and effort arguing that. There were many shorter shotshells in the paper shell days that the 870 was designed.

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2 9/16" was a common shell length before the 870 came out, but 2 3/4" was standard for decades by 1950. 

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Correct, it was designed for 2 3/4" shells which were in common use by that time.   The receiver ejection port can take up to 3" shells and you can convert a 2 3/4" receiver to 3" simply by changing to the modern ejector with is 3".  Of course that requires a barrel chambered for 3" to shoot the gun but the new ejector means it can now eject 3" shells.

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