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I want to give you guys some perspective on this panic buying from a Retailer.  First off the prices on my store are the same as they were months ago.   I have not and will not raise any prices.   

I am swamped and just taking a break to recoup so I don't make mistakes in shipping. So I will take a couple minutes to give you guys the perspective from this end.

January through April has to be good months as it dies off May through September so the first two months of this year were normal.   Then it started getting busy and now it is FUCKING INSANE...…………….

I went through this once after Sandy Hook so I know what is going to happen.  See I am on a Special Security Detail from 0700 to 1900 Monday through Friday.  I come home to dozens of orders and work till 2100 so I can jump in bed.   Since 0615 Friday morning I have had 47 orders and not little parts orders, most a in the $300 to over $600 range.  Barrels and hand gun mags are flying out of here.   Other things like shell holders and tube extension are moving also.

I expect if this continues I am out of stock by next weekend.   So you guys are saying "Hey great man".   No it is not.  Here is why:

Once my shelves are bare I can not replace things because of the panic buying hit the entire country.  So for many months I will have nothing to sell.   2013 was my lowest revenue year ever due to the fact once my stock is gone my retail business is over for many many months.  I am fine as my business is on line and I do not need a single dollar from it to live on.   But not the case for your local gun shop or the bigger companies.

After Sandy Hook many shops closed once their stock was gone and some went out of business because they could not pay their lease.   For this reason I understand some of them raising their prices some.   I am not but I don't have a lease nor the bills the shops have.

So if you guys want local gun shops around you then you make sure you check there before you go on line.   Even if you know it cost a little more, if they have it get it there.  If not, there is a chance that shop will survive this.  All the wanted items will be off their shelves and what is left will not be in demand.  Think about that guys and if you plan on getting stuff for later like hunting and target shooting items buy them now instead of later in the year and support you local shops. 

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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Very good points JD. I have made an effort to spend at mom & pop stores for food and other purchases. Big box can survive on their own.
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