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Project Childsafe is excited to announce the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) have released a new video series, "Many Paths to Firearm Safety," to help new and potential gun owners understand their responsibilities if they decide to keep firearms in the home.

The new videos are viewable online on the Project ChildSafe website and will be widely shared on social media.

The videos are portrayals of three different gun owners and their stories of ownership, along with the steps they took to make sure they would handle and store that firearm safely when not in use.

"Firearms accidents and thefts are almost always preventable, and the 'key' to preventing them is safeguarding the access key itself. Protecting and securing the means for accessing locked firearms is critical to their safe storage," said BJA Director Jon Adler. "We want to push that message as much as possible. These new videos emphasize the importance of securing firearms safely in the home. We want to ensure that personally owned firearms are only accessible by their law-abiding, legal owners, and not by unsupervised children, criminals or persons who might harm themselves. The key is the 'key' to keeping firearms safely in the hands of those responsible for them!"

The series reflects that more Americans - especially women - are buying guns for many different reasons, ranging from personal protection to target and sports shooting. The central message is that while there are many different reasons why someone would choose to buy a gun, the common thread among them must be a commitment to store firearms responsibly when not in use so they can't be picked up by a child, stolen or accessed by someone who may want to harm themselves.

For more information, please visit

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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