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D.J. north woods

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Oops, You already said that. Sorry.

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They vibraphone all the receivers not just the Police.

Back in the early 80's I was on the State Pistol Team they hit us with a major budget crunch so if you want to get in extra practice you had to buy your own.  I could use the loaders (five stage Star) in the Armory but not other stuff and the Armory Sgt was a big A double SS.   I was still his back up but he would not let me use the Tumbler to clean my brass when he was in there because the noise bother him.

So, I took a Large metal Charles Chips can and put my brass in that.  I added Rice and then duct taped the top on.  I put it in the bed of my truck and let it roll around back there for a few days.  It worked but the can took a beating.   Sure cleaned my brass up nice and shinny.   

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