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I am making up a HD shotgun and began with an extra 870 Express that I had in the safe.  I added the 18" cylinder bore barrel.  I was looking to shorten up the buttstock and get a police style forend.

After a few emails with J.D., I settled on the Remington LE 13" stock with the R3 buttpad as well as a Remington LE forend.  It came with all of the hardware and both parts were a breeze to install.

Many thanks to J.D. McGuire for his great knowledge, great prices and quick delivery.


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You got a steal of a deal.   I got 25 of those in but with no recoil pads and no QD Studs  My rep looked into it and they no longer come with the recoil pads and QD studs.   So I have to raise the price to include the R3 pad and QD stud now.  Remington is trying to restructure out of the fix they are in on the backs of their customers and dealers.   I hope they make it but they are going to drive a lot of business away if they don't get back to be the Big Green we all loved.
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