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My store format sucks and is a template so can't be changed.   Go Daddy has the balls to call it a "Premium" e-commerce site.   NOT.   I have to set everything at a flat rate shipping because if I use the measurement X weight X zip code it works out fine, however at check out you can still select $7.50 Flat Rate 2-3 day priority.  So if you buy a barrel and it is $17 shipping to say Washington state the store still give you the option of checking the $7.50.  So what would guys check?   Also if just using size X weight X zip come and If you buy 10 items you get about 10X the shipping charge which would about $35 instead of just a $3.50.  The site sucks.

So, I simply do a flat rate of $7.50 2-3 day priority USPS so you can fill up the shipping bag for one rate.   If your purchase goes over the bag it still ships $7.50 and I use as large of a box as it takes and send it ground.  But still $7.50.  two weeks ago a guy had a $99 order that I collected $7.50 on it cost me $32.62 to ship it to him as it was 10 of the bags you put in your safe and they are heavy.  So I not only lost any profit I went into my pocket on that one about $10 bucks or more.  Once they are gone I won't be selling those dang things as they are heavy and the package is large.

Now the other part that sucks.  Gun Broker auction fee is now 6% so I have also put my barrels on the store.   I have Thirty five and will add more for hunting season.  I put a $13 flat rate and will make a buck of some guys and loose a couple off of others depending where it ships to.  Once I can get a decent site I hope to be off of Gun Broker for good. 

The issue is if a guy buys a barrel he gets hit with the $13 for the barrel and if buys even one small part he gets hit with another $7.50.   So, I will be refunding that $7.50 or parts of it depending how big the order is.   It sucks doing it like this but I want to get my barrels on the store and I don't like getting bent over on shipping anymore then a buyer does so I stress over this issue.

I am researching Word Press sites and the least costly so far is about $5K.  So I will keep looking as I have to improve the shipping options if I want customers.  Go Daddy doesn't care about their so called Premium site because they want you to fork over the $5K.  And then they will only move 25 items to new site and charge you $100 an hour to move the reast.  I have over 400 items on there.

If any of you have been to the site or purchased something you can see it is not a top shelf site but I want to keep prices down and not having all the bling helps with that.  But the shipping issue has to change so I am shopping for a better format

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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