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One of the worst ideas Remington had was the J-lock safety.  Buyers hated it and let them know and Remington got the hint and did away with it.    I have sold hundreds of the J-lock Replace kits and even did a video to show how easy it is to replace it.   Here is the info incase any readers are unaware that these parts are available in a kit and how easy it is to replace.

All factory new parts to replace the J-lock safety on Remington Shotguns. These three parts are required as the plunger and spring used with the J-lock will not work with the new safety and attempting to do so will make the weapon unsafe, so you need all three of the parts in this kit to replace the J-lock system.  Below is a how to video that shows how easy this is to change out.   This is also the kit you want to replace the safety on a old gun even if it was not a J-lock because you get all three parts a new safety, new spring and new detent ball.

Kit is available on 

How Replace J-lock safety with standard Remington Safety.   Click on below link to see video


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Great info!
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