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I have a Nikon slugger scope mounted to my 870 with 1” Leupold see-through rings. Still not tall enough to see the iron sights of the Rem slug barrel. Any taller and I start to lose my sight line. If anybody is running see-through’s on their 870 successfully I would love to hear the set up.

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That's because there are two solutions to your problem. 1. Get a Monte Carlo stock to raise the comb. 2. (the solution I recommend) Take the see-through's off and put that Slugger in a real mount. I have used see-through's exactly twice in my life: 1. I was 15 and young, dumb, and full of ****, and put them on a 742. Never used them. At 18, I put Redfield mounts on it. Made a world of difference. 2. I had a scope with a 56mm objective lens, measured and found a pair of Leupold see- throughs were just tall enough to keep the bell off the barrel, and the LGS had 'em cheap. The rifle didn't even have iron sights. BTW, Leupold makes mostly great stuff, their see- throughs are as bad as the old Holden Iron-Sighters.
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