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I am looking for better ways of carrying extra 12 gauge ammo other then say a bandolero or soft pouch. I have found the 12 gauge 10-round Ammopal (U.S made) which will attach to your belt for about $44 (pic #1). I also found some similar ones on eBay (#2) but they don't say who they're made by for about $12. I know you have to be careful about "GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR". Has anyone tried either of these and if you have what's your opinion?

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Consider this;  Last year I was experimenting with Velcro backed shotgun ammo cards to replace the rigid sidesaddles on my shotguns.  I tried several brands which seemed to work well, including those from SOE.  (Special Operations Equipment)   THEY ALSO MAKE A BELT CARRIER FOR THE SHELL CARDS, that attaches to the belt with two wrap around Velcro straps, and has the female half of the Velcro on it, that lets you carry another shotgun card velcroed to the belt carrier, which you can either load out of directly, or rip it off the carrier and slap it onto the gun to replace the one on the receiver you just emptied and tore off.  Then you can slap another full card on your belt as time permits. 
The shell cards ($20.00 ea.) and the belt carriers ($15.00 ea.) come in the usual black, OD, FDE, (or "coyote"?) and camo.    I like them and found the cards AND the belt carriers to be very useful.

They also make pouches for the loop shell carriers, but those are listed as sold out.  Many useful items on their website, but to find the Velcro shotgun cards, and the Velcro belt carriers, first go to "Warfighter Gear"  then scroll to "Ammunition pouches" .  
Good luck and let us know what you find that you like.
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