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I did some digging into this matter a bit, and will share what I have found, and ask for more info.

-The Remington Slugger's "skirt" mic's 0.735"
-The polymer disk behind the Slugger matches the skirt's 0.735"
-The Remington Slugger's "body" (between the ribs, and not counting the skirt) Mic's 0.68X".
-The box of Remington Sluggers says "Rifled slugs may be fired through any choke, but IC offers the best performance" (I may not have quoted that exact).
-Benelli says "It is not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those listed here." (lists IC and CYL). it safe, or is it NOT safe, to shoot slugs through a Remington FULL choke (MIC's 0.700") or a Benelli MOD choke (mic's 0.702-0.705)? (I post Remington's choke data, as their ammo dept. SHOULD know what their gun dept. is saying, and I presume they aim their answers to compliment the other).

By "safe", I mean, can be done for the life of the bolt-carrier without "ringing" or deforming the barrel, etc.?

I want to feed my M1014 a steady diet of slugs. I like the Remington Sluggers, which is why I have used them as an example.

What slugs do the M1014's in military service get fed, specifically, does anyone know what is issued when slugs are issued?

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I have found in my travels in life . big 1 oz slugs thru a full choke leads to split or bulged barrel's . and if thats a screw in choke tube i have seen them blown out or swelled so bad They couldnt be removed with out destroying the tube and sometimes the barrel too . so bad juju to shoot slugs out of anything other then cyl or improved cyl bore . as for what the military when i was in the Air Force we shot winchester 00 buckshot in dark green cases thats in 77 mind you we didnt get to shoot slugs but id bet money it was winchester or federal .

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My most recently completed 870 is wearing a 14" factory police barrel, marked "modified", purchased from JD.   I was of the same opinion about chokes as far as slugs are concerned, (cyl. or imp. cyl.) but this short 14" modified barrel seems to do fine with the slugs I've worked it up with.   After having fun all summer last year, patterning it with various brands and sizes of buckshot and slugs, at different distances, I settled on Federal Premium LE "Flite Control" 00 Buck, and Federal "Tru-ball"  reduced recoil slugs.   Still exploring possibilities for a "House" load.  (home defense).

I'm assuming you were an SP in the USAF?  I went through SP school in '69 and I remember shooting the Winchester model 12 for familiarization, with buckshot, but I don't remember shooting any slugs. Some of the buckshot ammo we shot at the time was in solid brass shells!  I wish I had a few of those now!   I also wish we had been given better training as far as shotgun patterns at different distances, because that eventually came back to bite me one night overseas.   I learned all that later as a civilian police officer/firearms instructor, but as a 19 yr old SP, defending a flightline, I wasn't familiar enough with the distance limitations of 00 Buckshot.   Lesson learned! 

When I went back in later as a reservist (SP) I remember us having some Rem. 870s available, but I still don't remember shooting, or even having slugs available.  I eventually cross-trained to a flying job, (AE crew) so lost track of the day to day details of SP training and equipment.  

Waiting for the weather to break, so I can get back on the outdoor range! :-) 
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