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As the discussion around gun laws continues in the U.S., one report has found which states sell the most firearms. recently published a report on guns -- focused both on gun ownership and popularity as well as an analysis of crimes that have involved guns and deaths that have involved guns.

The website estimated that 12.6 million guns were bought in 2018 through federally licensed dealers, which is a decline from 2017.


However, it is difficult to find exactly how many guns were sold in the U.S., because there are laws on the federal and state level that don’t require retailers to report if someone who has had a background check for a gun actually ended up purchasing one, said.

There are researchers who have come up with a formula for calculating gun purchases, which uses data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That’s the formula used, according to the methodology section of its report.


According to the findings, there wasn’t a single state that sold more than 1 million guns.

The report also found which states had the highest estimated gun sales per 1,000 adults. At the top of that list were Montana -- with 141.9 guns sold per 1,000 adults -- and Alaska -- with 140.1 guns sold per 1,000 adults.

Following those were, in order, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Oregon and New Hampshire. Each of those states had at least 100 gun sales per 1,000 adults, according to the report.


To see which states were estimated to have made the least and most gun sales, here are’s results.

States with the least gun sales in the U.S. -- and how many guns sold were sold there in 2018

5. Vermont - 40,191

4. Delaware - 39,160

3. Nebraska - 31,274

2. Rhode Island - 21,765

1. Washington, D.C. - 3,275

States with the most gun sales in the U.S. -- and how many guns were sold there in 2018

5. Ohio - 499,647

4. Pennsylvania - 739,906

3. California - 793,899

2. Florida - 873,628

1. Texas - 972,860


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