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I have several 870 and 1100s, but last year decided that I wanted to replace my old barely legal cut down double with a Tac-14. This review is about one of the parts I have used in my interpretation of that firearm.

On my duty Remington 870 Police Marine Magnum I have the well proven Surefire DSF-870 Weapon light and have used it quite successfully for many years of police service. But, that is a $400+ piece of kit! Additionally, it bulks up the profile of the Tac-14, and the whole point of the firearm for me was, "maximum firearm in a minimal package!"

Streamlight, also a very respected name in flashlights, recently released its TL-Racker shotgun forend light for the 870 and the Mooseburg. I don't have, or want, any Mooseburgs, so this review is about the 870 model.

It is made of a rugged injection molded polycarbonite plastic and is made of two main pieces that are held together by 3 cross-screws. Mine had a bit of a gap near the rear, where the action arms bracket the battery cap on either side. I retightened the rear screw and that made the gap come together but, I think that I will take all screws out and Locktite them.

Installing it was pretty straight forward, the same as any 870 Forend, and is well documented and videoed elsewhere.

It has two, ambidextrous, long rubber tape switches, one on either side of the grip. A short press of either, or both, sides will cause the 850 Lumen LED to light, throwing a beam of white light over 777 feet! A long press will keep the beam illuminated until another short press extinguishes it. Very handy and intuitive! The package includes the two required CR123A lithium batteries!

The light is very bright, and might be problematic in a small room. But I have found the brightest of lights easier to deal with than pitch-black darkness!

The light has an approximately one and a half hour runtime, is ipx7 waterproof, and has a limited lifetime warranty.

I like the large declivity behind the reflector housing as it very effectively and securely locates the hand. For me this is very important, particularly with the TAC-14.

I would also like to mention the price, I got mine for $108 (USD) and consider it a bargain for those of us who want a light on their firearm!

If you don't want a light on your 870, I can only imagine one reason that you are here...

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