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I have sold a few hundred of these as they make loading an 1100 or 11-87 the same as loading an 870.  The carrier has an extended release button so the tip of the shell engages it easily.  Much better then the after market ones out there.   It is the carrier that comes standard on the 11-87 Police model and on the 1100 Tactical Models, so I am very familiar with it, well not so much as I thought.

A customer Named Langley (yep his first name) bought one from my e-store and after watching the video provided he discovered it would not work properly as it would not drop down.   He contacted me and I of course being an expert on the subject scratched my head and said "hell if I know".  Since every one that I ever installed worked perfectly I was stumped.

So after asking the "so called" expert the guy figured it out himself.   See he had a Polymer Trigger plate housing and the washer on the hammer pin is not recessed into the trigger plate assembly like it is on the cast metal trigger plates so the carrier was hitting the washer and would not drop down.................. Well Duh, I knew that years ago but had simply never installed one on a polymer trigger plate in all these years and as with much of the knowledge I have I am to stupid to recall it when needed.  

Feeling justifiably like the dumbass I am I told him the carrier would not work and return it.  He asked about modifying it and he had another 1100 carrier that was metal so he knew exactly how much material needed to be removed and the exact size and location of the cut.  So, I told him to try it and if it was successful send me pictures but if it failed I would refund the purchase.

Langley did the modification and it worked perfectly.  He sent the below pictures as requested and I am posting them to show what he did.  Fist pic shows the Tactical carrier on top and the bottom one is the carrier that came on his shotgun.   The second picture shows his modification.  He cut the notch out so the carrier would drop down over the washer.  He used some cold blue to tough up the scratches before he installed.  It now works fine.

tact1.png tact2.png   
Good Job Langley.  I normally panic when a guy uses the words gun and Dremil in the same sentence but you make a part work and work correctly.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer
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