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I found this company a few years back and have used their holsters every since.  Well made and affordable.

The only problem is their shipping.   These are not custom made but mass produced.  Yet they claim shipping is 10 -15 days.   

I am still waiting for one I ordered for a customer on April 27th and it is May 12th.  The one before that took three weeks.

They only charge $6 for shipping so can't complain about the cost.  I suggested they stop using Fed Ex and go to USPS and use the 2-3 day priority flat rate shipping bags.  The bags are 9.5" X 11.5" and you can get a lot of stuff in one of them.  They can charge $7.50 and no one will care because they are getting in 2 to 3 days and not waiting 3 weeks.

If you are looking for some inexpensive leather holsters I recommend their products but not understand they are not doing business in the 21st Century or they would understand shipping better.   Heck, with Amazon and others trying to use drones to get stuff to people in one day even 2-3 day priority will be snail mail soon. 

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Maybe stocking shops get first priority. I bought one of their holsters for my PT145 at a stocking dealer, they had plenty on the wall. I was surprised they had one for the PT-145, as there aren't many many holsters made for them. (I usually use ones made for Sig P220's or Springfield XD's, they usually fit OK) 
I agree, very good quality for the price. 
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