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ADMIN:   This is going to far.  To do this to the most Iconic Battle in American History should be a Felony.   Read and weep.


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Thinking pink at the CMP North & South Stores! We have a M1Garand that has been cerakoted by the Cheaha Armory and a Daisy Air Rifle hand painted by our very own, Matt Carroll. They are both up for silent auction and all proceeds will be donated to The American Cancer Society. Come place your bid to help fight cancer today!
The silent auction in the North and South Stores will begin Oct 3rd - Nov 9th.  Items in the silent auction include a pink painted Daisy Air Rifle (minimum bid $100) and pink painted Rack Grade Special M1 Garand Rifle (minimum bid $650).  Each store location will have a sheet for customers to write their name, phone number, and bid amount.  At the end of the auction, we will announce the highest bidder. The winner will need to fulfill all CMP eligibility requirements at time of purchase. 

If you cannot make it to one of the stores, there are some other items available on the Auction site.   
CMP is offering a WRA Special Rack Grade for $700. The CMP WRA Special Rack Grade (.30-06) M1 Garand, is a partially refurbished rifle with a refinished M1 WRA receiver, new production criterion barrel, new production American Walnut stock and handguards, and new web sling.  Receiver is the only part of the rifle that has been refinished.  Remainder of the other parts have NOT been refinished.
Receiver will have heavy pitting above the wood line.  
Please visit our website for more information on our rifles availability and mail order form.  
ELEY CMP standard ELEY in conjunction with the CMP developed an accurate round packaged in a bulk pak. ELEY CMP standard features a paraffin wax coating to allow proper functioning through multiple .22LR firearm platforms. It will still be incredibly accurate compared to other ammo at this price point. ELEY CMP standard is available exclusively through the CMP. 40 grain 1090 fps Must be a member of an affiliated club. **Limit 2 cases per individual per year. Free S&H to all contiguous US states HI and AK call for S&H rates. Visit our E-Store to view and to purchase all ammo we have to offer.  

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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Not to come across as “that guy” and losing 2 grandmothers to cancer but this “pink” is nothing more than a marketing scam. When I was at the dealership and we would get onboard with cancer awareness month in October we did some research. At the time we found out that when we researched “that lady’s name” who died from cancer that is now a national organization only 16% of the money collected when to those poor souls who need it most and 66% when to administration fees.
It made me sick knowing 2/3 of every dollar collected when into peoples pockets and not to sick/dying women or more to research.

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Yeah, my wife was out rural county's co-chair for Relay for years and the way they were treated as volunteers by the paid staff finally registered with her.  We don't support them anymore. 

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