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Years ago I had a CETME. It was fun and loud.
I have some experience with the G3 and I had been looking hard at the PTR91 GI R. The R model has a welded rail on top of the receiver and the open sights.
After a good deal of consideration I decided against one. Nothing wrong with that firearm it's just that I only wanted one because I wanted one.
Between the AR's and AK's we already own and use I just couldn't do it.
I even recently got rid of my MAS-49.
But I did buy a couple of new barrels for some Savage rebuilds[biggrin]

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David Armstrong

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Yes, the CETME was a fine gun, one that I used a lot in a previous life in it's Portuguese G3 version.  It never did get the notice the FN-FAL did, but given the choice if I had to run a full battle rifle in 7.62, a CETME version would be my first choice.

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I know this is an old thread, but I have both a PTR91 GI-R and a real HK91.  The PTR shoots just as good and has less felt recoil than the HK, probably due to the an improved buffer.
For the money they are a good buy, but always keep in mind that US made clones will be of "commercial" quality rather than go to war "military" quality as far a the specification and QC goes.  
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